Mick Potter’s Future Uncertain As Wests Tigers Face Missing The Finals

News Limited is reporting that Wests Tigers coach Mick Potter has not yet signed a contract to remain as the Wests Tigers coach beyond 2014 and that his future remains uncertain.

With the Tigers at long odds to make the finals this year, and with turmoil at board level at the club, Potter could find himself without a coaching job next season.

It was only a matter of a few weeks ago that Potter appeared to be safe, and while News Limited is trying to blame uncertainty over his future at the club on Shayne Haynes shocker on the weekend, the fact that he hasn’t even had a contract put in front of him to sign off on seems to suggest things run a little deeper than that.

Keep in mind that the Wests Tigers looked to have come to an agreement last year with Benji Marshall to upgrade him contract before a run of bad form saw the club do a backflip and not honour that agreement.

Could we be seeing the same thing happen again with Mick Potter?

While the Wests Tigers haven’t looked like world beaters this season one thing Potter does seem to give the club is a bit of stability. That is something they have lacked in recent years.

The Wests Tigers have a lot of young players who are improving, and that is usually a sign that the coach is doing something right.

You have to wonder who is doing the recruitment for the Wests Tigers at this stage. If Potter has yet to get a commitment that he will be at the club next season it would be very hard for him to sit down and plan for the future.

It will be interesting to see what happens from this point on as a form slump from the Tigers could see Potter get the axe.

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