Mal Meninga Continues To Fight For New South Welshman Luke Keary

Yes, this is still dragging on…

After being told numerous times that Luke Keary qualifies for New South Wales and not for Queensland under the new State Of Origin rules, the Queensland Rugby League have decided to take a new approach.

They want the rules to be broken so they can have Luke Keary anyway.

Queensland international recruitment officer Mal Meninga has even weighed into the debate today saying that there should be some scope to appeal the eligibility rules.

He even gave this classic quote to News Limited:

“If I were Laurie (NSW coach Laurie Daley) or a (Blues) selector, I wouldn’t even be thinking about picking Luke Keary,”

This is all becoming a bit of a joke now. The NRL has already ruled that Luke Keary only qualifies for New South Wales based on answers he gave to them.

Because Queensland can’t have him, they are starting to throw their toys out of the pram and cry that the rules need change AGAIN.

Its funny how rules always need changed so that Queensland can select someone that doesn’t qualify for them….

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