Making The Case For A Mitchell Pearce Recall To NSW For The 2019 State Of Origin Series

Lysergic acid diethylamide, otherwise know as LSD or “Acid”, is a hallucinogenic drug administered via the mouth, under the tongue, or intravenously.

The typical effects of LSD include altered thoughts and feelings, and an increased awareness of ones surroundings. Users usually experience dilated pupils, increased blood pressure, increased body temperature, and usually kick in half an hour to and hour after initial dosage. The effects of LSD can last up to 12 hours.

LSD does not appear to be addictive but prolonged use of the drug can lead to a building tolerance that leads to a user needing to take higher doses to see into the centre of the universe and contemplate how the lamp in the corner came into being.

Have you ever noticed how all the roads are connected to each other? Where did the first road come from? Was it all planned or did it just happen by accident?

Do ants think we are just giants? Like, there are more ants than people right? What do ants eat anyway? Do they eat like plants and shit, or do they eat little bits of people food like these Doritos that are seriously the tastiest thing that I’ve ever eaten.

I can see the inside of my face when I close my eyes. My face is just a mask. Who I have is the meat in my head. Its making all of my thoughts. Maybe I’m just an antenna that is picking up the signals from aliens. What do they want from me? Have they tried Doritos? What happened to my Doritos?

Shhh….I can hear the planet breathing. Do you feel it move when it breathes? Its like, I can feel us flying through space. I can feel the movement in my head meat. I’m the only one that feels it.

Dude….I totally think Mitchell Pearce would be awesome if he played for NSW in 2019. They should select him!

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