London Broncos Embarrassed After Ben Ross Refutes Club Claims He Has Signed For Them

In the long list of completely ridiculous situations that have emerged at the London Broncos in recent seasons, this is up there with one of the most embarrassing.

The London Broncos announced on Friday that they had signed retired Australian forward Ben Ross for the 2014 Super League season. That Ross would need to come out of retirement to play for the Broncos was bad enough, but it got worse from there.

After waking up to the news that he had supposedly signed on the dotted line for the Broncos, Ross decided to set the record straight early on Saturday morning via his twitter account:

[tweet_embed id=424282952655044608]

[tweet_embed id=424282998310043648]

That Ross mentioned Tony Rea is interesting to me. Take one look at Tony Rea’s record…everything he touches is a disaster.

The London Broncos barely survived during the off season and as of right now they do not have a full squad of players to kick off the Super League season.

The best part about this whole thing is the now hilarious quote by Tony Rea:

“We made a phone call and it was the easiest deal we’ve ever done.”

To be fair, it is pretty easy to not sign a player!

By deciding to remain retired, Ross has dodged a bullet.

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