League Freak Becomes A RFL Marketing Guru!

Sorry for being late chaps, just picked up a new Audi, sweet set of wheels!

Ok, so as you all know, we have the Great Britain Rugby League team. It is not only one of the most famous brands in the game, but one of the most famous in English sport. So much history…

Lets scrap that!

I suggest we replace it with England. I don’t really care what happens with Wales, Ireland or the other one, because England is the bigger market and hey, we’ll just steal any players we want from the others anyway.

So we will have England with a few other players thrown in, and because we can’t beat anyone decent at home, or away, I’ve come up with another brilliant idea!

We’ll put together a team of players that are made up of imports, yeah?

We’ll call them the “Exiles” because I’m pretty sure thats the type of name a non English person would give a team of players who went to another country at the end of their career for a pay day.

So this team of “Exiles” is going to need a top class coach. Someone to give this team credibility. I’m thinking Auckland….park football….possibly unemployed….I’ll let someone else decide who that should be.

So, we have England and a few other players, playing a made up team we will badge the “Exiles”, coached by someone that needs a job desperately….and here is the best part….

Our fans are idiots….they’ll lap this rubbish up! Now I know, I know….some of you suggest we should treat our fans like they have brains in their heads. We should reward their loyalty and only provide them with contest that are of true value to them and the game.

Seriously people….we need to get on the same page here. We have the Challenge Cup and the World Club Challenge. We make them fork out for Millennium Magic….and now you want to worry about them getting value for money. Hahaha….I’m looking at you Richie….you cheeky bugger!

Lets just run with my idea, OK? I’ll come up with a logo that is a big E because that doesn’t represent an illegal dance party drug to anyone in this room, right?

Then we’ll pretend to be sneakily promoting it saying some ridiculous shit like “The Exiles are coming!” because it just sounds better than “Old Aussies and Kiwi’s line up for a match fee!”.

We’ll promote it, sell it, and listen Macca, the rest is up to you because, if you can’t beat a bunch of old has been players, I can’t do anything about that.

So, we all good on this one people? Thought so.

Now, where is that kid with my latte?

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