Kiwi’s Get A Solid Hit Out Against France

New Zealand have beaten France 62-12 in a game that was actually pretty close at one point.

France showed they can put in a good 60 minutes (Better than Australia ATM!) however their fitness really lets them down and they bled points late in the game against the Kiwi’s.

It was a good hit out for New Zealand though. They were made to work hard against France and the French forwards didn’t take a backwards step all night. If you could get the French pack and their bench a good couple of years of top level NRL training, they would be a bloody hard side to beat.

As for the Kiwi’s they got what they needed. A good hit out they had to work for, some space later in the game to work on combination, and simply another 80 minutes under their belts.

I’m already looking forwards to their clash next week against England, while France, well they take on Australia in Paris next week and it is going to be a very interesting, and important game for the Kangaroos.

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