Join My Rugby League Facebook Page

You might not know this but I have a very active Facebook page.

When I made the Facebook page I called it “” which seemed logical. It it meant to compliment this web site after all.

The problem is that if you search for “Rugby League“, “NRL” or “Super League” on Facebook, you’ll never find me because none of those search terms are in my pages name.

Worst of all, I can’t change my pages name. I’m stuck with it.

That means it is left to people simply sharing the page among their Facebook friends to get it more followers.

That is where you come in…

I’m really lucky in that people that follow me on Twitter and who read this site share my page around the internet all the time. I don’t do any promotion for the web site outside of on the networks I have set up.

You rarely see me on forums promoting the site and I don’t spend any money on marketing.

So if you have a Facebook account, get onto and then share it with your followers. It would be greatly appreciated!

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