Israel Folau To Be A Brisbane Bronco In 2009

Well the decision has been made, Israel Folau will join the Brisbane Broncos next year on a four year deal said to be worth around $500,000 a year.

Not bad cash for an 18 years old!

Folau, who grew up in Queensland, was obviously looking to head back home and its a real shame he will not be with the Storm over the long term.

I’m a huge fan of Folau and I always congratulate players on getting as much money as possible, but just going by what an NRL club can spend on the salary cap, I’m not sure any center is worth that much money, thats more the money you spend on a Darren Lockyer or Jonathan Thurston.

Still, there is no doubt the Broncos now have an incredible strike weapon out wide and its a signing that gives the Broncos one of the best center combinations in recent times.

You have to like the look of the Broncos backline over the next few years.

With Karmichael Hunt at fullback, Israel Folau and Justin Hodges in the centers, and Peter Wallace and Darren Lockyer in the halves, its a backline full of class.

Its really going to be up to the forwards to get the side into a position to wins games. At this price, there can’t be any money left to bolster the pack with players from outside the club.


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