Is It The Right Time For The Castleford Tigers To Release Rangi Chase?

The Castleford Tigers have announced that they have rejected a bid by the Salford Reds to acquire play maker Rangi Chase.

Chase has been the subject of a number of bid by various teams over the last 18 months. He was all by one his way to Hull FC for the 2013 season before Visa issues put a halt to that move.

Now Salford, with a seemingly open chequebook, have their sights set on Chase. You have to wonder at what point that Castleford decide to let him go.

It’s pretty clear that Chase wants to leave Castleford and has done for a while. It hasn’t hurt his form on the field though which is a credit to Chase.

You have to wonder, at what point does Castleford decide to let Chase leave? Do they even have to get to that point? Do they just allow his contract to run out and let him leave without getting any money or players back in a transfer?

If any club can afford to make it worth Castlefords while to let Chase go. It’s Salford. They are spending money like it has a used by date!

There is no doubt that signing Chase would be a great move for the soon to be re-named and he would at least turn them into a mid table team when you add him to the rest of their signings.

I think it’s getting to that point where Castleford really have to consider taking the offer on the table and letting Chase go. After all, the odds of him ever re-signing with the Tigers sit at zero. They might as well get something for him while they still can.

Link: Official Castleford Tigers Statement

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