Incredible Beaver Doubles The Fist

You have to wonder where Steve Menzies stands among the games all time greats. At the age of 42 he is still running around for Manly, scoring tries seemingly every week.

Early on in his career Menzies copped a bit of a bad wrap, and funnily enough it was because he was so good. Playing off of Cliff Lyons passes Menzies had a reputation as a finisher and many saw him as a center who was playing in the forwards.

Menzies certainly had the speed and footwork of a center, but his defense was solid, he had a good work rate and he was a standout at State Of Origin and Test level when selected.

Then for a while it seemed things went a bit quiet. It wasn’t that Menzies was playing poorly, it was more to do with the fact others were making headlines while Menzies just kept doing what he always does, playing great and scoring tries.

When people started to take notice again Menzies had developed a pretty powerful defensive game, and he was pulling off more than his fair share of big hits.

These days Menzies is no less of a player then he was ten years ago. In fact, he may be better!

Just this year for Manly he has played in the back row, at five-eight and at center, and has been great in every position. He has also become an amazing weapon off the bench, and his try scoring has not slowed on bit.

Not bad for a guy many claimed would be nothing once Cliff Lyons retired!

Menzies has at every level he has played at and has been one of the games elite for so long. Is is the second highest try scorer in the history of Australian Rugby League and by far and away the highest try scoring forward.

Menzies is also in with a shot of playing more games than any other player in Australian Rugby league history. The record currently stands at 349 set by Terry Lamb, and Menzies will take that record too if the Sea Eagles make a deep run in the playoffs.

All of this makes you wonder where Menzies ranks among the games very best, and why he doesn’t get the accolades he deserves.

Is it because he doesn’t chase headlines like many of the games young so called superstars? Is it because he is so good week in week out that people have just got used to seeing him play so well? Is it because he plays for Manly, a team everyone hates?

What ever the case, his record speaks for itself.

This will be Steve Menzies last season in the NRL, he has chosen to retire at seasons end. The game will be poorer when he does hang up the boots.

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