If You Love The Game You Will Boycott Scotlands Rugby League Team

The Scottish Rugby League scene is small to say the least. At best its just starting to get going at the junior level in a few small areas. At worst you could say it doesn’t actually exist.

However on the back of a team full of English players, and being fortunate enough to be grouped against equally weak Rugby league playing nations in the qualifiers, Scotland somehow made the World Cup.

Great, well done, a great boost for the game in Scotland…..right?

Well no, thats not the case at all.

As soon as Scotland made the World Cup they made the announcement that they would stick solid with the majority of the squad that got them there. I guess its better to have a bunch of players with Northern England accents playing for Scotland after all.

Now as we get closer to the kickoff to the World Cup, thats all gone out the window and any Australian that has any sort of connection to Scotland is being offered a jersey.

Manly winger Michael Robertson will be lining up for Scotland despite the fact he has never even been there! Some other Australians who will end up playing for Scotland are Keith Galloway, Chris Armit, Nathan Armit and Ian Henderson.

Scotland has also drafted in New South Wales halfback Peter Wallace.

Scotland my arse!

You have to ask yourself why this happens. What is international Rugby league even about if the RFL comes up with a jersey and badge, the side is managed by the English and the run on side is full of Australians.

Its not Scotland, it has no baring on the game in Scotland and the Scott’s aren’t stupid enough to watch this team play because they know its about as Scottish as a didgeridoo.

So can anyone tell me why this team and this situation even exists?

Its all about self interest….the thing that makes Rugby League circles turn.

The “Scottish” officials get a nice little tag to go alongside their name. The coach gets to take on a rep side, something he would never normally get within a bulls roar of, and he gets to embarrass himself by saying “I’m a test coach” at functions at his little northern England club reunions.

For the players, none of whom are god enough to represent the country they were born, or raised in, its a chance to get a run, to play a higher level of football and to feel like they are important.

Well done, they must all be so proud of themselves.

The funny thing will be watching a bunch of Poms and Aussies trying to sign the Scottish national anthem. Seriously, when you need to be handed a sheet of the lyrics to the national anthem, that right there should be the first sign that a big red mark should be put through your name.

Scotland will be the very worst of the chopped up farcical teams at the World Cup. If you have any interest in watching the game grow, if you have any interest in Scottish Rugby League, hell, if you have any interest in Rugby League at all, you will heap rubbish on this side at every opportunity you get.

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