If Mal Meninga Picks An All QLD Kangaroos Team, I Wouldn’t Have A Problem

The media are already gearing up for headlines that will induce false outrage.

Meninga Snubs Blues!

Meninga Hates NSW Players!

Mal Meninga Show Bias To Queensland Team!

As a NSW supporter, every time I see headlines stating that Mal Meninga is the Australian coach, I breathe a sigh of relief!

Meninga’s dominance as a coach at State Of Origin level will likely never be replicated. I remember before he was appointed as Queensland coach I wrote an article stating that Meninga would be the perfect coach for Australia. It took some time, but I finally got my man in charge of the Kangaroos!

When you look at last years State Of Origin series, and the complete annihilation of New South Wales in the third and deciding game, I would have no issues at all if Mal Meninga rewarded Queensland players for their amazing victory and names a 17 man, all Queensland Australian Kangaroos lineup.

Lets not pretend as though the balance between the two states in regards to player ability is close. It simply isn’t.

If you want an Australian team full of game breakers, proven winners, and form players, you will end up picking far more Queensland players than you will New South Wales players.

As a Blue supporter, I hate saying that. However, it is the inescapable truth.

Unlike most people, I actually care about how Australia performs at international level. While I want a competitive international arena for the game, I would love that competitive arena to have the Australian Kangaroos as the very best team in the world without question.

Right now, the very best team in the world without question is New Zealand. A full strength New Zealand, not the token side the NZRL sent over to England last year.

To beat New Zealand, Australia needs to select the best of the best. Proven winners. I don’t want Mal Meninga even thinking about where players come from, political bullshit, or what the media is saying. I want him to select proven winners who will get the job done.

If you want an Australian team selected along those lines, I find it hard to think of more than a couple of NSW players that you would select in the Australian team.

So from a die hard New South Wales supporter I say this to Mal Meninga. Select an Australian team full of your Queensland winner. Don’t for a second think you need to include a token Blue from the pack of losers that were so willing to roll over and die in the State Of Origin arena.

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