I Cant F***ing Believe It!

While I may be on the other side of the planet at the moment, I could see Andrew Johns getting charge for dissent weeks ago.

Surely Johns must have know he was treading a fine like a few weeks ago when everyone was getting on his case for the way he was talking to match officials. So, with that in mind, you have to ask yourself why he decided to call one of them a “F***ing C***”.

Now me, if I said that to a match official I would expect nothing less than to be sent off. But apparently the touch judge in this case didn’t know whether is was Andrew Johns, or Brian Carney that had said i to him, you know, because those Irish and Australian accents all sound the same!

What ever the case, what Johns did was stupid, and it could now cost his club dearly as the NRL is looking to throw the book at him in this case.

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