Hazem El Masri A Bulldogs Club Ambassador Once Again

After having domestic violence charges against him dropped, and providing recorded evidence to police that proved he was innocent, Hazem El Masri has been reinstated as a Canterbury Bulldogs club ambassador once again.

After going through a year in which he was dropped by every organisation he worked for an an ambassador based on unsubstantiated allegations, it is good to see that the Bulldogs have quickly done there bit to show El Masri some support.

Other organisations he represented should follow suit, including the NRL and the White Ribbon organisation.

Rugby League has been incredibly quick to embrace players and people who have been convicted of drug use, assault, sexual assault, they have even embraced players that have spent time in jail.

Hazem El Masri is an innocent man. He should be fully embraced by the entire game once again. He deserves nothing less.

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