Gareth Ellis To Return To England In 2013

Wests Tigers forward Gareth Ellis has been granted an early release from his contract enabling him to return home to England at the end of the 2012 NRL season.

Ellis is one of only a few English players who looked to come to Australia and test himself in the worlds toughest rugby competition. He has talked about being home sick and credits a quick visit home during an injury stint last year with keeping him happy at the Tigers club.

Now its seems, he is ready to head home, and good luck to him. You’ve got to be happy with your life off the field to get the most out of your career. Ellis will earn far more money in Super League and now the chase will be on to sign him up to a long term deal.

So, where will he go?

Ellis started his career at the Wakefield Wildcats and some have been suggesting he will head to the club based right next door, the Castleford Tigers. The funny thing is, the top sides will all but in huge bids for his services, the salary cap will not be a consideration. I fully expect Ellis to sign for either Leeds, Warrington, Wigan or St Helens and they will magically fit him under the salary cap, along with any other players they want.

I’d like to see Ellis play for a team like the London Broncos. He would bring great leadership to the club, give them a player they could market themselves around and be an asset to them on the field as well. Unfortunately, that is unlikely to happen as if he is homesick, he won’t move back across the world to still not be back in familiar surroundings.

Its interesting how many English players get home sick when they move any distance from their home towns in northern England. You don’t see it all too often in Australia, probably because we are use to traveling large distances to get anywhere anyway.

On Ellis’ return I hope he is finally, and rightfully named as Englands test captain. It is ridiculous that the RFL refused to name him captain in Jamie Peacocks absence for the simple fact that he did not play in England and therefore did not represent a marketing opportunity for them in Super League.

Good luck to Castelford, I hope they do end up getting Ellis for next season. They will face a huge fight to get him as other clubs go well over the salary cap to get him, but I think most Rugby League fans would like to see him playing for the Tigers next year and being around as they prepare to play in their brand new stadium.

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