Fresh Concerns Over Nathan Tinkler’s Payment To Newcastle Knights

News Limited is reporting that members of the Newcastle Knights board are concerned that club owner Nathan Tinkler will not come up with a promised $10.3 million bank deposit by March 31st. is reporting that Newcastle Knights Chairman Nick Dan sought a meeting with Hunter Sports Group this week only to find himself being brushed.

This of course all comes on the back of news that the club was late in paying players earlier this month.

Tinkler has until March 31st to make the payment so hopefully all of these concerns are unfounded. It is interesting to note however that as news started to come out earlier this week of missed payments to players, a lot of Knights fans seemed to want Nathan Tinkler to lose control of the club.

The Knights are in no danger of folding, they already have Wests Group who have said they will back the club. You also have the NRL that would step in and make sure the Knights survived without Tinkler involved.

Before Tinkler took over the Knights the club was run on a very tight budget. His cash injections have seen a lot of changes behind the scenes at the club and helped the Knights secure the services of Wayne Bennett.

For all of the supposed issue Tinkler is facing, it must be tough to know that having stepped in to help the Knights out (Something he didn’t have to do), there are still a large number of fans that want him out of the clubs business.

In 8 days time we will know one way or the other how this has all played out. Lets hope things go according to plan and the bank deposit is made. Lets hope the Knights future is secured and that Nathan Tinkler’s money issues are not as bad as they are being reported.

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