Frank Pritchard Is Being Linked To The Salford Reds

The Salford Reds are chasing Canterbury Bulldogs forward Frank Pritchard according to the Manchester Evening News.

The Salford Reds, who will change their name to the Salford Red Devils next season, are on a spending spree as their new owner looks to turn around what is currently one of the worst clubs in Super League.

Pritchard would not come cheap at all for Salford, the money they are growing around though is ridiculous. I could definitely see them making an offer that both the Bulldogs and Pritchard himself could not refuse.

I would worry about how Pritchard would adapt to Super League. Many players who head over to the UK lose a whole lot of fitness and motivation on the plane. Pritchard is one of those players that needs to be pushed to get the best out of him. I wouldn’t be shocked if he went to Super League and packed on the weight.

While it would take a few moves before it could happen, this is Rugby League. It’s seems that every other day something strange is happening!

How this would effect the Bulldogs in future seasons is interesting. I’d suggest it would mean they would lock up James Graham on a long term deal. It may also be enough for the Bulldogs to secure Israel Folau is his asking price has gone up in recent weeks.

Considering how much Pritchard is on at the Bulldogs, and how much he could get at other NRL clubs, I think it’s fair to say that Salford have a magician running their finances right now.

Hopefully Pritchard stays at the Bulldogs.

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