France Name 40 Man World Cup Squad

France have named a 40 man squad with an eye on the 2013 World Cup. The squad will be trimmed back to 23 players by World Cup kickoff.

The 2008 World Cup was nothing short of a disaster for France. Under the coaching of John Monie France were arguably the worst performed team at the 2008 World Cup. You would suggest that anything would be an improvement on that performance.

Richard Agar is the current French coach. He has thrown up the possibility that Australian born and raised halfback Scott Dureau may yet be called into the squad. Dureau qualifies under the ridiculous residency rule that simply needs to be scrapped as it makes a mockery of the international eligibility rules.

The French 40 man World Cup squad is:

R Ahlalou (UTC), J-P Baile (Catalan Dragons), W Barthau (Catalan Dragons), A Bentley (Pia), K Bentley (Pia), J Bissiere (Avignon), T Bosc (Catalan Dragons), J Bousquet (Catalan Dragons), J Cagnac (Avignon), B Canet (Carcassonne), D Cardace (Catalan Dragons), R Casty (Catalan Dragons), V Duport (Catalan Dragons), O Elima (Catalan Dragons), M Escare (Catalan Dragons), T Fages (Salford), J Fakir (Catalan Dragons), T Gonzalez-Trique (Toulouse), M Greseque (Pia), M Griffi (Lezignan), D Guasch (UTC), Y Khattabi, (Avignon), K Larroyer (Catalan Dragons), T Margalet (UTC), M Antoni (Catalan Dragons), V Michau (Lezignan), H Miloudi (UTC), G Mounis (Catalan Dragons), M Pala (Catalan Dragons), E Pelissier (Catalan Dragons), S Planas (Toulouse), F Quintilla (Toulouse), S Raguin (UTC), M Romano (Avignon), M Simon (Catalan Dragons), C Soubeyras (Pia), J Soum (Carcassonne), G Springer (UTC), C Stacul (Pia), F Vaccari.

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