Famous English People Back England To Win The World Cup

Nothing should get a team fired more than a video thrown together by a PR department requesting people in the media spotlight talk about their chances of winning a sporting contest.

Forget that most of them couldn’t give a stuff about the English Rugby League team, or that some of them were obviously filmed on a 2002 Motorola as they walked through a corridor on their way to something that was actually important, this was a great moment for Rugby League in England!

Finally, recognition!!!

Looking past the quote by The Worst British Sporting Captain In History that it was “about time we right a lot of wrongs”, which I’m guessing is code for being upset that you embarrassed your nation with your futility against the worlds best players, this was a feel good moment for everyone involved in English Rugby League:

With Mr Gwyneth Paltrow’s music playing in the background and everyone doing their best to make sure they don’t read directly from cue cards, it was a nice little marketing ploy that I’m sure will interest someone!

I bet Rangi Chase was full of pride after watching it!

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One thought on “Famous English People Back England To Win The World Cup

  1. Ermm, Why are you sarcastically mocking a simple good luck video for the england team?

    You claim they’ve probably never heard of rugby league. Yet on your own website in the quotes section, you’ve lifted a quote from Wayne rooney who is praising the sport. Olympic gold medallists the brownlee brothers were born in horsforth (basically a suburb of leeds) And support the rhinos. Stuart Lancaster is a union coach but worked closely with leeds when he was at the tykes and often speaks of his admiration for league. We all know about andy farrell. Roy hodgson will be well aware of league from stuart pearce who coached the u21’s and worked with steve mcnamara and attended many rugby league games since 2010.

    Your ignorance of anything outside of the nrl is astounding.

    You like to think of yourself as this hard hitting, straight talking uber rugby league super pundit who has never been wrong in the history of life on earth.

    But in reality you are nothing more than a loud mouth pommy basher.

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