F.U. Super League For Three Whole Years

First Utility, an independent energy company that has captured less than 1% of the UK’s overall energy market, will sponsor Super League for three seasons in a deal that will reportedly see them pay around £750,000 per year for the privilege.

While it is a concern that the RFL did not release actual figures, it is good to see Super League get a major sponsor after the RFL disastrously gave away the naming rights two years ago in exchange for no money and some stickers on a few trucks.

Any amount of money that is coming into the game right now is good news. Clubs at all levels throughout the UK are struggling to stay alive after years of being under funded.

Now the challenge for the RFL will be have they provide club grants to 24 clubs across their two divisions under the new Super League/Championship structure that will come in for the 2015 season.

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3 thoughts on “F.U. Super League For Three Whole Years

  1. Hey Freaky,,

    why do you think that the TV deal for English football is so much more than the TV deal for Rugby League in the colonies ( NRL ) ???

    Best wishes,

    Frank Spinetti

    1. You’re an idiot frank.

      Two different competitions, two different sports in two different countries on two different sides of the planet.

      Geez…I wonder why!

  2. “two different countries on two different sides of the planet….”

    Sometimes you think that and sometimes you don’t. Comparing Sydney to London, you EXPECT Rugby League to be popular in London because it is popular in Sydney. In that case, you reckon the countries are similar.

    I ask my question again – why is the TV deal so much better for English football ?????

    Frank Spinetti

    ( Rugby League has no future in London )

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