England, Scotland and Cook Islands Win

A few Internationals games have been played over night and we saw some big scorelines and one major upset.

England got off to a very slow start against Wales but eventually won 48-12. I didn’t get to see the match but I’m told it was not a good quality game and Paul Sykes has a shocker.

Considering the Welsh side was mostly made up of part timers, this is a pretty bad sign for England.

Samoa was shocked by the Cook Islands 22-20 in a big upset. I’ve repeatedly said that Samoa is better than England so I guess so too are the Cook Islands.

The Cook Islands seem to really impress every few years. Some good players come from there.

Scotland played a game against Italy and wound up winning my a scoreline of 104-0. To be fair, it was close early on!!!

I recently had a debate with a bunch of over enthusiastic types you find in a lot of international forums about the state of the game in Italy.

After years off seeing bullshit press releases and web sites for International organisations that are actually made in Sydney by teenagers, I have zero tollerance for people crapping on about the game where it doesn’t actually exist.

My feeling is, unless a country has stand alone Rugby League clubs, they do not play Rugby League there and have no place playing International games.

Considering where Scotland stands, I think its fair to say, they don’t play Rugby League in Italy.

Ireland beat Serbia 82-0 on Sunday. It will be interesting to see how Ireland and Scotland go against Wales. Keep in mind Wales didn’t manage to qualify for last years World Cup, and Ireland and Scotland scored better than a point a minute against their two opponents this weekend.

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