Noble Takes Over The Crusaders, A Good Move?

After months of speculation former Great Britain coach Brian Noble has finally been named the new coach of the Celtic Crusaders.

The Crusaders first season in Super League was nothing short of a disaster.

On the field they were terrible, off the field they had players sent home with Visa problems, they ended up sacking their coach, and that’s not even taking into account rumours of massive financial trouble.

That all means that 2010 is a very important season for the Crusaders, who desperately need to build some credibility and gain the support of the Welsh public.

Noble is highly rated in England because of his record at the Bradford Bulls. He left the Bulls a number of seasons ago in a much publicized move to Wigan, and his results were very average to say the least.

When he left Wigan Chairman Ian Lenagan had a bit to say about Nobles time at the club, including a backhander at the poor fitness of the side under Nobles reign.

Personally I think this may be a move the Crusaders need to make.

I don’t rate Noble as a coach at all, but he is not too bad with the media, his love of the game comes across very well. He is a well known name, and as the former Great Britain coach he will gain some attention and credibility for the club.

In an ideal world you would look to Australia to sign a very good assistant coach from an NRL club that would have much better knowledge of the game and coaching skills. Thing is, no one would know who he was, he would bring no attention to the club and I think right now, that is what the Crusaders need.

Hopefully the move goes well. I don’t think they will be winning the Super League any time soon, but I think this move might be a move towards some stability.

That is just what the Crusaders need right now.

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