Devaluing The Australian Jersey?

Suggestions that the move by Johns to be “excused” from playing the opening Tri Series match will just degrade the Australian test jersey are laughable.

Let me get this straight.

So in 1995 the ARL decides it wont select players that have signed up to the new Super League competition. It goes on to not select the best possible team available, a team which does win the 1995 World Cup.

Devalued….are you kidding me?

In 1997 TWO Australian teams play, with the ARL playing token matches against anyone thats not signed up to SL….and SL players taking part in a Test series against Great British.

Devalued…..I don’t think so Sally!

We let Tonie Carroll play in the 2000 World Cup for New Zealand, against us, then we say its OK because its ONLY a World Cup. Then we give him a Queensland jersey and we follow that up by giving him an Australian jersey.


Willie Mason, Lote Tuqiri, Petero Civoneceva…..all played in the 2000 World Cup for other teams. Then found themselves selected for Australia a short time late.

Devalued……Not on your life!

Darren Smith walks in off the street in 2003 and is handed a Test spot my Chris Anderson.

Devalued……you have to be kidding?

Karmichael Hunt, born in New Zealand, raised in New Zealand until he was 12, and having lived in Australia for as long as Adrian Morley is given the ARL’s full blessing to turn his back in New Zealand and try to play for Queensland and Australia.

Devalued……Me Finki No!

So Brad Thorn decides to go and play union. He decides he is a Kiwi after all and become an All Black. On his return to Rugby League….he is an Australian again and plays for Queensland. Devalued……of course not!

The hypocrisy would be stunning, but after a while, you come to expect this type of thing from the ARL.

The fact is Johns missing a single games would be a blow, but it would not even rate on the scale compared to the way that the games administrators have trashed the Australian jersey and test football in general over the last decade or so.

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