Darius Boyd Deserves Every Last Cent Of His Deal With The Brisbane Broncos

After a long career in which he has achieved so much, Darius Boyd finds himself close to the point of retirement.

No matter how good of a player you are, how long you manage to play the game, and how long you look after yourself, Father Time catches up with you, he is the one unbeatable opponent, and unfortunately for Darius Boyd he look as though he has played a year too long in the NRL. He is far from the player he once was.


Call from people within the game for him to walk away from his contract for the benefit of the Brisbane Broncos are outrageous! The Brisbane Broncos offerer Boyd a deal that was unbelievable for a player his age and obviously Boyd accepted it.

It is not up to Darius Boyd to give up hundreds of thousands of dollars to help out the Brisbane Broncos. The club owes him that money, not matter how well or how poorly he plays, and the idea that former players would come out in the media and pressure Boyd to give up all that money I find to be a bit gross.

I personally felt as though Boyd’s form fell off about halfway through the 2018 season. Not for a second does that mean the Broncos owe him every cent of his current contract.

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