Corey Waddell Headbutt Goes Unpunished In Panthers Thursday Night Victory

The Penrith Panthers have managed to hold off a late charge by the Manly Sea Eagles to secure a munch needed 15-12 victory on Thursday night.

The match didn’t rise to any great heights, with the Panthers taking a 9-0 lead into half time and both teams playing some very scrappy football for most of the game.

Penrith did seem to be playing with a lot more enthusiasm than we have seen from them throughout the course of the 2019 NRL season, but their missed tackle count was still alarmingly high. That the Sea Eagles couldn’t capatalise on all of the missed tackles the Panthers racked up is a bit of a worrying sign for them.

This match will most likely be remembered for a headbutt that occurred after a dubious penalty was awarded against the Panthers for a dangerous tackle. As players charged into to grab jerseys and pretend that they were going to fight Corey Waddell grabbed the jersey of Liam Martin and heabutted him.

Incredibly Waddell was allowed to play on in what was a bit of an off night for the referees in this game.

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