Claims Garry Schofield Fingered Bradley Clyde In A Test Match In 1992

Former Australian test lock Bradley Clyde has made the extraordinary claim that he was anally penetrated by the fingers of Great Britain player Garry Schofield in a test match in 1992.

Clyde made the claims this week in the wake of Sam Burgess now famous squirrel grip on Will Chambers.

These claims will no doubt become a major pain in the arse for Schofield over the next few days. Some people say that what happens on the field should stay on the field, and those people do have a point.

It’s not a stretch to say that players sliding their digits into each others orifices is disgusting. There is no place for it on the field of play, or anywhere else for hat matter.

It is a slippery slope if we start going back decades to old incidents though. You never know what type of shit you might drag out from the olden days when dirty play was much more accepted than it is now.

Garry Schofield has a lot of critics for many of the things he says these days. The bum wrap must get old after a while. Schofield loves to try and stick it to Australians when ever he gets a chance. If Clyde is to be believed, 1992 was a turn point and a new low in relations between Australia and Great Britain.

So it seems that well before he had the Hopoate, we had the Schofield.

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