Brisbane Broncos Veterans Don’t Want Wayne Bennett To Return To The Club

Brisbane Broncos veteran Corey Parker has backed coach Anthony Griffin and been shockingly blunt in saying the Broncos have moved on from the days of Wayne Bennett.

Parker said that he and Justin Hodges both believes Griffin is the best man to coach the Broncos.

I realise the industry is a results-driven industry but I can assure you on behalf of myself and Justin that the coach has got an enormous amount of support from the playing group.”

“We back him 100 per cent.”

I’ve been a bit shocked at how many former Broncos players have said that the club shouldn’t bring Wayne Bennett back.

While Bennett didn’t leave the Broncos in an ideal fashion, and the playing roster he left behind wasn’t great, a lot of the players Bennett coached to success over the course of his career have not been too kind to him in recent weeks.

It all shows how quickly things can turn when you stop winning. Even Wayne Bennett, for all of the success he has had, has fallen out of favour with his biggest supporters are some lean years at the Newcastle Knights.

I never thought I would see the day when veteran Brisbane Broncos players would ever say they don’t want Wayne Bennett back at the club. It is a pretty strong statement that the club is likely to stick with Anthony Griffin for next season.

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