Brent Tate Opens Up About Backlash Caused By Post Origin One Comments

Brent Tate has spoken about the affects on his family that the backlash from his comments made after State Of Origin one caused, while also stating that none of it fazed him.

The article, which you can tell is from the Courier Mail because of the way it is written to make all of New South Wales seem like a bunch of arseholes, if fairly inflammatory but the actual quotes from Tate himself are interesting.

I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about in regards to Tate’s comments after State Of Origin one. Yes he was outspoken, and you don’t normally see players talking about incidents like that, but if that is how Tate felt about that tackle he is allowed to air his views.

As it turned out his quotes had no effect at the NRL judiciary, if anything Josh Reynolds can consider himself extremely lucky to be playing in Origin two after the charge was downgraded.

I think this whole incident had just been another chance for idiots to react before they have engaged their brains.

Too often I see people who mindlessly react to news in the Rugby League world, and their reactions are full of anger. Brent Tate was a whinger, he was a disgrace, he was a bastard….or maybe he really was just concerned during a tackle that look bloody terrible at the time.

Thankfully Tate is fine and feeling no ill effects from the tackle. Hopefully this is the last we hear of it all.

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