Billy Slater Has Been Confirmed As The Next Queensland Rugby League Coach

Queensland Rugby League legend Billy Slater has agreed to coach the Maroons in the 2022 State Of Origin series.

Slater takes over from Paul Green who decided to step down a few weeks ago.

Slater, who played 31 times for the Maroons, has no head coaching experience at any level, so it will be interesting to see how he handles the job. It will be important for him to get a good support team around him, but it is without doubt a bold move by Slater and the Queensland Rugby League.

I do worry about former players who step into these high profile jobs when they don’t have head coaching experience at some level. There is a big difference between being a skills coach, an assistant coach, and being a head coach of senior players.

When things go wrong there is a lot more pressure. Everyone questions what you are doing. It isn’t just pressure from outside sources either. Officials, other coaching staff, even your own players are all going to question your methods, your leadership and your management skills when you lose a game at State Of origin level.

It is a big step, but one Slater obviously feels he was ready to make.

The best part is, we will see how he goes. That is why they play the games. For all any of us know Billy Slater may end up being the best coach in Queensland history.

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