Ben Hunt To Test His Value On The Open Market

News Limited is reporting that Ben Hunt is willing more than willing to test his value on the player market rather than locking himself into a long term deal with the Brisbane Broncos ahead of time.

Hunt could sign a long term deal to stay at the Brisbane Broncos any time he wishes, but if he waits until November 1st he can field offers from rival NRL clubs.

Considering that Hunt would be fielding offers from many of the same rivals that will be chasing in demand Manly Sea Eagles halfback Daly Cherry-Evans, Hunt could find himself scoring a big payday with any side that fails to snare DCE’s signature.

The feeling in Rugby League circles is that Daly Cherry-Evans is leaning towards a move to the Brisbane Broncos when his contract with the Manly Sea Eagles expires. This would leave Hunts future up in the air.

Hunt would be a great back up option for the Broncos if they are unable to lure Cherry-Evans north.

You then have to consider the nightmare scenario for the Brisbane Broncos that would see Cherry-Evans deciding to either re-sign with the Sea Eagles or move to another club (Parramatta are set to make him a massive offer) and during that process losing Hunt to another club as well.

It is all setting itself up for a high stakes game of poker in which all sides are playing their cards very close to their chest.

Hunt and Cherry-Evans can’t lose. Both are going to get paid a lot more than they currently earn right now. For the Brisbane Broncos though, they could be left at the alter by both players and that would set the club back going into year two of Wayne Bennett’s three year contract.

It will all make for a very interesting player market once November 1st rolls around and rival clubs can start talking to players who are off contract for the 2015 season.

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