Beau Ryan Will Make You Piss Yourself Laughing

So if you don’t know who Beau Ryan is, he is a winger for the West Tigers with a fantastic last name. He is a handy player, and he is bloody funny.

He has a segment on The Footy Show called “Beau Knows” where he takes a hard look at various things, not only within the game of Rugby League, but in life generally as well.

So because I get a few of those soap dodging Poms visiting this site, trying desperately to learn more about the great Australian game of Rugby League, I thought I’d post as many of the segments as I could find on Youtube.

Now, I didn’t upload any of these. Youtube took all my videos down for copyright infringement. Luckily though, many other people gone and done the job for me, which is great!

So turn up the sound, sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor!

Beau Knows Sam Burgess

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