Attacking Joel Moon Is Short Sighted And Pathetic

The Salford City Reds are currently fighting financial problems after a number of people, including former players, had to fight the club to get money they were owed.

In this environment, youngster Joel Moon decided to leave the club and play for the much more financially sound Leeds Rhinos.

One that back for this Salford coach, Phil Veivers, attack Moons character.

I’m sorry but I didn’t realize Joel Moon ran a charity….

Right now across Super League there are dozens of players that have lost money after the clubs they played for could not pay their salaries. We have seen charities set up and the public asked for funding so that players could pay their mortgages and other bills.

Joel Moon didn’t play for Salford because he liked the scenery, he is a professional sportsman who needs to make as much money as he possibly can over his short career to hopefully set him up for at least a comfortable future doing something else once he retires.

This idea that he has some sort of obligation to a club that has already shown it has short changed players in the past is laughable!

As usual, Salford has promised everything is fine. The financial problems being reported in the media are nothing to worry about. Once they sort those problems out that aren’t really problems, they will start producing youngsters and the club will start to move in the right direction.

They have said the same shit for well over a decade now…

Good luck to Joel Moon for securing his financial future at a club that actually pays its bills. I’m sure if former Salford players had their time over again, they would have done the same thing.

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