Anthony Milford Refusing To Honour Canberra Raiders Contract In 2014

Anthony Milford will not play for the Canberra Raiders ever again if he has his way.

Milford told The Courier Mail in Brisbane that he was willing to sit out the 2014 NRL season ahead of his move to the Brisbane Broncos in 2015.

Milford’s stance brings into question why the Canberra Raiders came out just a day ago and “confirmed” that Milford would see out his Raiders contract in 2014 ahead of his move to Brisbane in 2015.

Whether Milford’s manager negotiated that deal or not is yet to be known, but it is very clear that Milford has no intention of playing for the Raiders next season citing a need to be closer to family as the reason for his need to leave the club.

Milford is the latest in a long list of NRL players who have refused to see out their contract for one reason or another. Unlike other players, Milford has been very up front about his desire to break his contract, the reason behind his movies, and where he see’s his future.

It makes you wonder at what point the NRL will step in and put and end to this problem. Whether player are eventually allowed to pay out their own contracts or if transfer fee’s are introduced, something needs to be put in place to stop players and clubs from finding it so easy to break contracts.

The Canberra Raiders look to have dug in their heels over Anthony Milford leaving the in 2014. Judging by Milford comments, they may need to reconsider that stance. It is pretty clear that Milford never wants to play for the Raiders ever again. The Raiders could do without the distraction heading into the 2014 season.

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