Andrew Johns: The Leader Of The Pack

It was a stunning move that no one expected, but Andrew Johns stint with Warrington for a maximum of six games was enough to get fans on both sides of the world talking.

In my opinion, Andrew Johns move to Warrington at the very least makes then the second best side in SL. In a competition where halfbacks are nothing more then little players that cant kick, pass or tackle, Johns addition will elevate the Wolves from an also ran to a title contender.

Johns is the complete player. He will do a lot of scouting of his SL opposition and the Warrington Wolves before he sets foot in the UK. Wolves fans can be assured that Johns will walk into the side knowing the capabilities and limitations of his new team mates, and the holes that can be exploited in the opposition.

Fitting into the side wont be Johns’ problem. It will be his team mates ability to fit in around him that could be a problem. Johns is a commanding player, he completely dominates the entire attacking structure of his club. During a game there are MANY times when Johns will touch the ball on every tackle. How his team mates fit in around him is therefor going to be key. The main thing is, when Johns calls for the ball…..its not a time for some want to be superstar to decide to go the other way.

As I see it Johns will only face one problem with his new team mates and that will be whether or not his team mates will be ready for for ANYTHING to happen.

The Wolves fullback and Wingers will not be able to get lazy. Chips, grubbers, banana kicks, bombs….they can come at any time. Centers will have to be ready for huge cutout passes that are passed out in front of them….passes that if they run onto the ball will his them on the chest and in full stride. Forwards will have to be ready for inside passes, offloads and be ready to chase through at the drop of a hat.

In short, no matter where you are on the field, you will need to be ready to take advantage of the skill that Johns will show.

Ive said already that I expect the Wolves to make the Grand Final. Johns will turn a solid lineup into a title contender. Wigan, Bradford, Hull, they have not got anywhere near the lineup the Wolves have once Johns steps into their side. St Helen will find out Sean Longs limitations and Paul Wellens will once again be exposed as Johns puts into place the same field position war that Australia has used to great effect for years against the very same combination.

The only team that can claim to be an opposition for the new Wolves lineup will be Leeds. Their better forward pack and their more rounded lineup will need to be at it best when Johns comes to town.

In my opinion, Andrew Johns will guide the Wolves to a Super League title.

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