An Audio History Of Rugby League Rule Changes Since 1895

From its birth at The George Hotel in Huddersfield to the bright lights of the NRL, Rugby League has undergone an evolution unlike any other sport.

In its early days Rugby League had the exact same rules as Rugby Union. The only true difference between the two sports is that Rugby League players could be payed, while Rugby Union players could not.

Over time however Rugby League authorities made changes to the rules of the game to try and make it better to play, better to watch, and to remove some of the outdated and archaic rules that moved it further and further away from Rugby Union.

In the latest episode of Fergo and The Freak Andrew Ferguson and League Freak look at the way the rules of the game changed over time, talking about the affect rule changes had on the game, and why some rules were more influential than others over the course of the games evolution.

You can listen to the podcast on your favourite podcasting add by searching for “Fergo and The Freak” or by simply clicking the audio player below.

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