Podcast: Fergo and The Freak – Episode 312 – Gain Line Analytics Co-Founders Ben Darwin And Simon Strachan On The NRL And Cohesion In Sport

In this episode we have a chat with Ben Darwin and Simon Strachan who are co-founders of Gain Line Analytics.

We talk about how Covid has everted the cohesion of clubs across different sports, how the Penrith Panthers rank in terms of their first grade team and their ability to build the club through their junior pathways, we chat about the Melbourne Storm and their continued success and how after the top couple of teams ing the NRL there is a big fight for finals positions among a big group of clubs.

They brought up some very interesting things, such as the possibility that the Wests Tigers will look better as the season goes on but could still miss the top 8, how the New Zealand Warriors have never really taken advantage of the State Of origin period, and how no matter who you are, an out of Sydney team is disadvantaged by the Grand Final always being in Sydney.

It was a great chat!

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