Who Is Sam Tomkins?

Sam Tomkins is on his way to the New Zealand Warriors to test himself in the National Rugby League. Now there is only one things we need to work out….

Who the hell is Sam Tomkins?

Sam Tomkins a a fullback for Wigan who is loved by Rugby League fans across Great Britain.

Tomkins in known for speaking his mind. He recently vented his fury about players from overseas that come into a team and push home grown players out of the side. He has spoken of Australia’s chances in the 2013 Rugby League World Cup. Basically Sam Tomkins will tell you exactly what he is thinking if you ask him.

A lot of people have asked me recent “League Freak, how good is Sam Tomkins, really?”. I like to let the vision do the talking.

This is by far and away my favorite Sam Tomkins try:

The New Zealand Warriors have a potential champion on their hands!

One thing that is for certain, Sam Tomkins time in the NRL is going to be fun to watch!

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2 thoughts on “Who Is Sam Tomkins?

  1. Pretty vague. How do you think he really compares to say Billy Slater and Barba? How does he compare to our current FB Locke and Fish? Any predictions on how he will go in terms of adapting to the NRL and how well he may go or not?

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