Who Had The Worse State Of Origin Debut: Aaron Woods Or Nathan Merritt?

Game two of the 2013 State Of Origin series was a disaster for New South Wales. Not too many of the Blues players could hold their head high after the 26-6 thrashing Queensland handed them.

Two players stood out though…

Aaron Woods and Nathan Merritt made their State Of Origin debuts after a groundswell of supports from fans, players and coaches. It seemed that most wanted to see Woods and Merritt to get their chance at State Of Origin level. People had faith they would get the job done.

Oh how wrong we were….

Both Woods and Merritt had just about the worst State Of Origin debuts you could imagine.

Woods didn’t see a great deal of game time considering he was starting in the front row, but the work he did was soft. He made zero impact in the match in what was the worst performance I have ever seen by a State Of Origin forward.

He was so bad that I rated him a ZERO in my State Of Origin game two player ratings. I’ve never rated a player that low for any game I’ve watched.

For Merritt, he was targeted by Queensland and looked all over the place in defense. While he wasn’t helped by some terrible defense in field, the sight of Merritt flying in field to tackle no one just before Queensland scored tries was just a horror show!

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Personally, I was outraged by Aaron Woods soft performance in State Of Origin two. I don’t rate him at club level at all. He leads the worst forward pack in the NRL. To see him having zero impact in a State Of Origin game was disgraceful.

Merritt, well he would need some sort of miracle to ever play State Of Origin football again. Just a disastrous debut.

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2 thoughts on “Who Had The Worse State Of Origin Debut: Aaron Woods Or Nathan Merritt?

  1. Wow not sure what game you guys watched but we never had the ball for the first 20 minutes except when Smith got away with his blatant strip so I don’t know what else Woods was suppose to do when Thaiday was running at Pearce and Maloney out wide of the ruck? He isn’t Inspector Gadget with wth long arms. Woods will play for Australia if you can’t see that you must be bad judges. Merritt by a mile. He was like a roo in headlights and a chook with it’s head cut off all at the same time.

  2. Yeah I agree with the other guy you tried to put woods on the dog when we were absolutely hammered in the first half what was he supposed to do completely dismantle QLD on his own? I’m not a tigers supporter but seriously if anyone deserved a zero for that game it was Merritt you were clearly just butt hurt that Tim grant didn’t get selected panthers poof

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