The Make Rugby League Great Again Petition – SIGN IT!

Sign the Make Rugby League Great Again Petition

The petition has been set up by Super League fans that are looking for more transparency in the decision making process in regards to the selection of the 12th team that will become part of Super League.

It also concerns how the game is being run at Super League level, with the impacts being felt throughout the Rugby League community in Great Britain and beyond.

Rugby League is a game we all love, and we all want to see what’s best for the sport at all levels.

The decision regarding the Toronto Wolfpack, sponsorship deals with advertisers that have seen the sport get no money in return, as well as other decisions have seen the sport in Great Britain slowly failing over many years.

At some point, enough is enough. Questions need to be asked of the games administrators. The direction the sport in Great Britain is going is clearly worrying.

So as a Rugby League fan that wants to see the game grow I would ask you to sign the petition.

So sign the Make Rugby League Great Again petition CLICK HERE

Make sure the people running our sport hear your voice.

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