The Attention Seeker Has Done It Again!

So many announcements from someone that plays so little football.

If you haven’t been following the Paul Sculthorpe saga, then well done, you have been missing a lot of hot air and bullshit.

Paul Sculthorpe has played less top grade football over the last few years than even I have….and I haven’t played any!

While not actually playing any Rugby League at all, Paul Sculthorpe took it upon himself to retire from Test football. Then, not too long after, while still not playing any Rugby league games, Sculthorpe decided to un-retire from Test football and make himself available for the World Cup.

Oh how he blesses us….

Of course these stupid announcements were of no consequence because he wasn’t playing at all during this time.

Fast forward to this year, and St Helens announce a month or so ago that it will not be re-signing Paul Sculthorpe. St Helens fans all breathed a sigh of relief for the man thats been dubbed “Mr Biscuit” by even the most one eyed Saints fans.

That didn’t seem to get through to Scully however. After managing a whole 30 seconds before leaving the field in the 2008 Challenge Cup Final, Sculthorpe announced that he had yet to make a decision on his St Helens future!

Seems being told to “Piss off you old crook” wasn’t clear enough for him.

So Sculthorpe started to shop himself around to other clubs, and when none of the top clubs wanted him, and none of the mid table clubs wanted him, the talk was that the likes of Salford and Wakefield were in talks for him to play on next season.

Neither club decided they wanted to pay someone money to watch them from the sidelines.

Now, a few weeks later….and imagine that, Sculthorpe announced he will retire from Rugby League!

If he was fair dinkum he would come out and announce he has retired… 2004!

Its no surprise that he announced his retirement though. Its all he has done over the last few years, announce this and that, while not playing any games because he is about as tough as fairy floss.

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