Super League To Be Shown Live In Australia On Eurosport

The Rugby Football League have finally announced a broadcasting deal in Australia which will allow Rugby League fans in the biggest Rugby league market in the world to watch Super League games live.

Eurosport will broadcast a number of games live each week while replaying other matches. You can go to their web site by clicking here.

Once, Super League was used as quite a decent selling point for Pay TV in Australia. However that changed as the increased exposure saw the lack of quality in Super League turn off fans.

Eventually games stopped being showed live and at one point where shown on a weeks delay.

Then Channel 9 purchased Super League rights with great fanfare. They didn’t show games live, but showed them on replay a couple of days after they had been played as a fill in between the Sunday Footy Show and their Sunday afternoon NRL game.

That didn’t last long though, and Super League ended up being shown on Channel 9 on Monday morning at about 1am. I can’t think of a worse time slot for anything!

It will be good to have Super League live once again in Australia. Eurosport doesn’t carry much content I have any interest in but now I will be watching Super League games on there for sure.

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