Steve Ganson Should Be Fired By The RFL For His Terrible Blunder

It is the worst case scenario and something that can not be tolerated by the Rugby Football League

With scores tied up between Hull FC and Hull KR in their Magic Weekend derby game and just seconds remaining on the clock, Hull FC put a bomb up from just within their own half of the football field. When the ball came down, about ten meters out from the Hull KR try line, it bounced once, and flying through to challenge for the ball came Hull FC forward Chris Green to snatch the ball from the Hull KR fullback and score a try.

At first it seemed like an incredible, game winning play. The decision was sent upstairs for the video referee to review and it was clear that Green had come from an off side position, he did not give the required 10 meters to the defender…it was a clear cut penalty to Hull KR.

The video referee, Steve Ganson, called it a try. Hull FC won the game on what is the worst video refereeing blunder I have ever seen in my life!

A game has been decided by a video referee that has made the wrong decision. Within hours the RFL was forced to issue an apology and said it would review the situation:

The RFL have admitted that video referee Steve Ganson made an incorrect decision in awarding a try to Chris Green of Hull FC in the closing stages Super League fixture against Hull Kingston Rovers at the Etihad Stadium today.

RFL Head of Match Officials Jon Sharp said: “We have reviewed the decision and it is clear that Steve made the wrong call.

“Honesty and accountability are important to the Match Officials Department and we can only apologise for the error.

“Steve has been in contact with Hull Kingston Rovers and offered his apologies: he is one of the sport’s most experienced officials and deeply regrets having got it wrong.

“As with all fixtures, we will conduct a full review of the performance of our match officials following Magic Weekend and will take what steps we can to ensure that mistakes like this do not happen again.”

Steve Ganson earns money from the game of Rugby League. This isn’t just some guy off the street that was doing his best and simply made a mistake. Steve Gasnon is a professional Rugby League official.

Steve Ganson has to be fired. He has to be made accountable for deciding a game by giving the wrong decision despite having multiple replays at his disposal.

I have always been critical of the Rugby Football League for the culture it has created in which there is a complete lack of accountability. No one at the Rugby Football league ever gets fired for under-performing or even for a catastrophic blunder.

This is an opportunity for the Rugby Football League to set a new standard and show the entire game that people within the Rugby Football league are held accountable for their poor performances.

I’m a Hull FC fan and i was simply disgusted at the situation that unfolded on Saturday. Hull KR will receive no adequate compensation for losing that match. If Hull KR go on to miss the playoffs because of this loss it would be nothing short of a disgrace.

I did see some Hull FC fans suggestion that it was karma paying Hull KR back for all of the decisions they had received in their favour over the years. The problem with this argument is, if you accept poor decisions going against your opposition you are accepting a lower standard of refereeing for yourself. You simply can not do that. Rugby League can not afford to have mistake this great deciding games.

This is not something that can be made better with a token gesture. The damage has been done. Steve Gason has cost Hull KR and in my opinion brought the game into disrepute.

Steve Gason should be fired.

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  1. I just think you get rid of him. If after all of those replays and with the tip off from the on field referee, if he STILL can’t see an off side player he isn’t up to the job.

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