St Helens Release A Statement Regarding Luke Walsh’s Contract

St Helens have released the following statement in an effort to clarify a luke Walsh’s contract with the club starting in 2014:

ST.HELENS R.F.C. would like to state that, contrary to incorrect reports in Australia, Luke Walsh has signed a two-year contract with the club, with an option for a further year, from 2014.

Saints are looking forward to welcoming the Penrith Panthers’ scrum half next season alongside his teammate Mose Masoe.

A club spokesman added that the option is in the player’s favour.

This to me looks like a public relations exercise.

First of all, these were not “reports” out of Australia. They were quotes from Luke Walsh himself. I’d suggest that Luke Walsh knows exactly what the terms of his contract are.

Secondly, St Helens seem to have addressed an issue that was not an issue, that being the length of Walsh’s contract.

Luke Walsh is in great form right now I’d if I were a St Helens supporter I would be worried that he will not ever play for the club at this point. There are bound to be a few NRL clubs that would be willing to offer him a contract at some point for 2014.

Link: St Helens Statement

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