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The new web site takes full advantage of social media allowing you to get the full League Freak experience in a number of different ways.

On the web site itself, you are now able to log in and comment with your Facebook or Twitter accounts, as well as becoming a member of the site itself. This will allow you to comment on every single page on the web site. This will take the sites interactivity to a whole new level.

League Freak has always been quick to jump into social media and in this section of the web site you can find all of his social media outlets. If it isn’t linked on this page, it is not The Glorious League Freak!

League Freaks Official Twitter Account
Follow League Freak on Twitter and get his daily thoughts on all sorts of subjects. Just remember not to take him too seriously. Its only Twitter after all!

League Freaks Facebook Page
If you are on Facebook give League Freak’s Facebook page a like. It is the best way to keep up to date with all of the articles that are posted.

League Freak On Google+
Are you one of the weirdos that use Google+? If you are, you can follow League Freak on there!

League Freak On Tumblr
Do you use Tumblr? You should follow League Freak on there!

League Freaks Youtube Page
League Freak has a Youtube channel! Check it out!

Rugby League On Facebook
Here is a look at some of the better Rugby League Facebook pages.

Rugby League Forums And Forum Ratings
Into Rugby League forums? Check out League Freaks Rugby League forum ratings.

It is a hastag that was started as a joke on Twitter and it is something you should start to use any time the England Rugby League team plays a game.

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