Salford City Reds To Change Name To Salford Red Devils in 2014 And I Just Bought

The Salford City Reds will change their name to the Salford Red Devils next year in a move that I think will help them in terms of marketing. It is part of an overall re-branding of the club that is long over due.

In related news, I just bought the domain name

Seriously, click on it and look at where it points too!

I haven’t always seen eye to eye with Salford fans over the years. When I’ve suggested that they change their name to the Manchester Reds, Salford fans attacked me unmercifully.

Luckily, I don’t hold a grudge, and I took it upon myself to buy the domain name in an effort to protect it from people that may want to do something terrible with it.

I am therefore the true savior of the Salford Red Devils.

Feel free to post your thank you’s in the comment box below.

If you want to discuss ownership of this domain name feel free to get in touch by clicking HERE.

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