Rumours That Bradford Bulls Staff And Players Have Not Been Paid AGAIN

The Bradford Bulls may be in financial strife once again with rumours swirling that players and staff have not been paid their wages for the last month.

This is basically the same thing that occurred last month when players found that their wages had not been deposited into their bank accounts only to have the club try to smother the situation by claiming it was an administrative error.

Eventually players were told they would not be paid for a fortnight before Bradford Bulls owner Omar Khan reached into his own pocket to supposedly put an end to the Bulls financial problems.

I am being told that the club is trying to keep the situation quiet for now as they try to stop players from speaking out as they did last month. I have also been told that the Rugby Football League is aware of the situation that is unfolding at the Bradford Bulls and is ready to step and make sure the club does not collapse.

I hope that this is all wrong. I hope that the Bulls are not having financial issues so soon after they supposedly secured funding that was supposed secure them through to the end of next year.

The problem is, the last time I started to hear these whispers, it turned out the Bradford Bulls were having financial issues.

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