Rugby Video Games

Rugby is a popular sport worldwide. There has been a shortage of quality rugby video games
for many years. Most rugby fans often get disappointed by the few online rugby games
available. However, HB Studios recently launched several video games. Visit to play various games. The following rugby video games are suitable for Android phones and PCs.

World Championship Rugby
World Championship Rugby was launched in 2003. It has two versions for PlayStation 2 and
Xbox. The game has oversized graphics and fast gameplay. It offers a great user experience
when players scrum for the ball. You can edit the players of certain teams.

Rugby World Cup 2011
Rugby 2011 resembles Rugby '08. However, the game has graphical upgrades which are
appropriate for PS3. It excited many rugby fans due to its next-gen system. Rugby '11 has
game mechanics such as those of Rugby 08.

EA Sports Rugby
PlayStation 2 was popular in the early 2000s. Rugby fans were thrilled in 2001 when a rugby
video game with a modern system was released. Its cover had a Martin Johnson's mug. The
2001 game had a flawless passing system and sharp graphics. Its revolutionary attacking team
engaged players throughout the game.

Rugby 2008
Rugby 2004 was the second rugby video game released on PlayStation 2. The 2005 game had
little improvements compared to its previous version. Experienced game developers released
Rugby 2008 after skipping Rugby 2007. It is the most advanced rugby video game available
now. The game has quality gameplay and graphics. Besides, it has several game-modes that
offer a wonderful gaming experience.

Jonah Lomu Rugby
Codemaster customized Jonah Lomu to suit ordinary game consoles. It intrigued thousands of
rugby fans. They were the first established game developer to build decent rugby video
games. The game has a great passing system and graphics. Bill Beaumont, a renowned
commentator provides a colorful commentary in the game. Jonah is capable of demolishing a
complete rugby team by holding shoulder buttons.

Adidas Rugby Last Man Standing
Adidas Rugby developed the Last Man Standing game in 2005. It involves picking a skilled
player from a particular team and passing the ball while you avoid All Blacks and barking
dogs. You can download it from YouTube.

Rugby is a complex sport. It is more demanding than basketball and football. Also, rugby
games flow continuously thus making it tricky to simulate them in short bursts. A standard
rugby video game includes three officials and 30 players. Games such as Rugby 2008, Rugby
World Cup 2011 and EA Sports Rugby have excellent commentary. You can install and play
them on your phone or computer.

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