League Freaks World Famous Rugby League Look-Alikes Page Two

Puig Aubert vs Andy Kaufman

A great of the French game and a great of comedy. While Kaufman pretended to take on giants, Aubert did…and he really did beat them at their own game!

Matthew Peterson vs Sideshow Bob

Its rare that someone reminds you of a cartoon character, but when someone looks like a unique cartoon character like Sideshow Bob….its something special.

Brett Hodgson vs Moe

Ones a very good fullback for the Wests Tigers, the other one runs a bar and used to be a big time boxing promoter.

Barry Berrigan vs The Sloth

Originally meant as a commentary on his lack of speed, the amazing coincidence was that he actually does look like a ****ing Sloth!

Braith Anasta vs Zoolander

“Did you ever think there was more to life then being really, really, really, really, really ridiculously over rated?” Come one now, thats a bit harsh. Braiths been playing very well.

Brad Drew vs Malcolm In The Middle

Yes, I know this isn’t Malcolm…its his little brother. I also know that Brad Drew looks similar to Mr Potato head. But these two also look like one another. So shut up!

Mark O’Meley vs Shrek

The best part about this on is the stupid look on Shrek’s fan is matched almost perfectly by his real life twin.

Stevo vs The Hood

This one is enough to make you lose your rag! Our favorite British Rugby League commentator, Stevo is the spitting image of The Hood off Thunderbirds! When I first saw this one I was so excited I almost gave someone a facial!

Rhys Wesser vs Earl Sinclair

Rhy Wesser is about the only attacking weapon Penrith has in their side these days.


Willie Mason vs Barney The Dinosaur

Think about it. Barney fades away just as the Bulldogs unearth a big second rower!


Mark “Spud” Carroll vs Christie

A former prop forwards turned body guard vs a 2005 Big Brother contestant. In this comparison….Spud is looking pretty good for his age!


Kane Cleal vs Neanderthal Man

With his long hair thrashing around and the huge sideburns….the first time I saw Kane Cleal I said “Its the missing link!”. You be the judge.

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