League Freaks World Famous Rugby League Look-Alikes Page Seven

Todd Carney Vs Alfred E. Neuman

One is a bit of a character. The other appears on magazines. Yeah, I could be talking about either one huh?


Chris Close Vs Margie From The Biggest Loser

What the hell is the deal with Choppy in this picture? He should be ashamed!


Chris Close Vs Dr Who

While searching for the above picture I found one of a young Choppy, and deadset, its Dr Who!


Des Hasler Vs Mel Gibson

Which one has yelled down the phone more at someone over the last few years? I’m tipping Des!

Erin Molan Vs Matt Jenkins

I honestly think they may be the same person. Have you ever seen them in the same room? Have you? HAVE YOU!


James Graham Vs Prince Harry

I gave James Graham the nickname “Fat Prince Harry” a few years ago. Feel free to use that nickname!

Edrick Lee Vs Michael Irvin

One of the best youngsters in the NRL and a former Dallas Cowboys great!


James Segeyaro vs Mr T

Hey Sucka! Clubber Lang will kick your arse! Get some nuts!


Sonny Bill Williams Vs Brian Bowles

One of these people is a professional fighter. The other one just pretends to be one.


Cooper Cronk Vs Carlos Condit

Two of the worlds best at what they do!


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