League Freaks World Famous Rugby League Look-Alikes Page Four

Terry O’Connor vs Chris Benoit

The Wolverine and….a guy that played for Wigan and Widnes.

Darren Lockyer vs Jenson Button

One of the very best in the world…..and Jenson Button. Unlike Button Lockyer has results on the board and he lets his performances do the talking.

Nathan Hindmarsh vs Matrin Gleeson

This is one of the best one’s you will find. An international Rugby League superstar vs so bloke from Northern England.

Rhys Wesser vs Danny Glover

I’m too old for this shit! A look-alike that even the Panthers players see. At training they call Rhy’s “Murtagh”. Classic stuff!

John Cartwright vs Kevin Costner

A former Penrith great and coach of the Gold Coast. Costner meanwhile is one of Hollywood’s best actors…..who probably also owns the biggest flops in history with Water World and The Postman.


Nate Myles vs Amon Buchanan

This one was sent in by Dave. I don’t know this AFL player, but deadset what type of name in Amon?


Mark Gasnier vs Mr Incredible

An unstoppable, unbreakable super hero and…..well…..the opposite.


Laurie Daley vs Bert

One of Australia’s greatest ever players and an evil, evil puppet.


Paul Langmack vs A Horse

Good old Horse Head. He couldn’t coach to save his life, but look on the bright side…..hang on…..there isn’t one!


Mark O’Meley vs Private Pyle

One is a fat guy who goes crazy and kills his Senior Drill Instructor and Himself. The other is crazy and just kills Queenslanders, Poms and Kiwis.


Mal Meninga vs Pete Sampras

One of my all time favorites and two greats of their respective sports.

Gareth Hock vs Security Chief Odo

Remember Star Trek, Deep Space Nine? Nope, neither do I. Remember Gareth Hock? Nope, neither do I.

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